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In it’s more than 30 year history, PEV has had occasion to host many events, from the annual events such as the Awesomeness of Marriage where couples get to enjoy an evening out and learn from the experience of others, to the walk-a-thon and of course the annual Gala. We also run different events throughout the year such as lectures to encourage a deeper appreciation of art and professional seminars that help women focus on transferable skills which will help them succeed and thrive in their ordinary environment.

Upcoming Events

To find information about our current and upcoming events, go to the link below:

Past Events

AUGUST 17 - 20, 2023                          
Ladies Silent Retreat
Location: Kintore College
Price: $375/lodging and meals included

MAY 7, 2023 | 2:00 PM                          
Mother & Daughter Tea
Location: Kintore College
Price: $40/mother & daughter pair

Join us for an elegant Spring afternoon of tea and quality time! 

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