PEV works with women of all ages and all walks of life, encouraging them to live with integrity and service in the ordinary environments in which they find themselves. By focusing on personal and professional growth, we encourage and inspire women to seek greater joy in living and contributing to society.

Our programs are open to individuals of all races, creeds and ethnic backgrounds. PEV entrusts the doctrinal and spiritual programs to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Roman Catholic Church 

Learn more about our different programs below:


For girls ages 11-18


For University and post-Secondary Students


Designed to benefit professional women who want to positively impact their careers.


Equip each woman to contribute to building strong, loving families in her role as daughter, sister, wife, aunt, mother, or grandmother.

60+ CLUB

These programs address the needs and talents of retired, widowed, and older women.


Prom-Edu-Val Society is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants in our activities and programs.

If you have questions about our safety policies or have a particular safety issue that you would like to bring to our attention, please contact us at [email protected]. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with a member of the PEV Management team, you can contact your local police or child protective services. If a minor is at risk, call 911.


PEV organizes and hosts different events ranging from hands-on workshops, networking events, lecture series and cultural events.